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Mac OS 9 Platinum GTK theme 1.1

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June 28 2011


Mac OS 9 Platinum GTK theme 1.1


This is a GTK theme style Platinum from Mac OS 9 for GTK2. Ready to use in GNOME.How to install? · Right click on your desktop and select Change screen · Click the first tab: Theme Drag and drop · the theme archive in the Appearance Preferences window. · If everything is OK, you receive a confirmation message and you can activate the theme by clicking on it.About GNOME: GNOME is an international effort to build a complete desktop environment of the graphical user interface that sits on top of a computer operating system entirely from free software. This goal includes creating software development frameworks, selecting application software for the desktop, and work on programs which manage application launching, file handling and windows and management.GNOME task is part of the project License and may be used with various Unix-like operating systems, including Linux, and as part of Java Desktop System on behalf of Solaris.The originally was for GNU Network Object Model Environment, though this acronym is deprecated . The GNOME project puts heavy emphasis on simplicity, usability and making things "just work". Requirements: gtk + · · GNOME

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