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G-Share 1.5 Beta

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July 7 2011


G-Share 1.5 Beta


G-Share is a PHP script that allows you to share your Gmail attachments with the world, there is a download center files stored in your Gmail account.G Share project uses a MySQL database to store important data such as classes, downloads, visitors, Gmail, etc. .. Requirements: • A web server with PHP support extension php_curl · enabled on the FTP-Client to upload files · A Gmail account would be very convenient to use this script.Installation: Enter the content of "upload" on your webserver.Create a database on your browser for MySQL server.Point / gshare install.php (change to your needs) Go to your Gmail account and create labels that begin with "Z" and they will be visible in the former script.In Z. Photos, Z. Music, Z. Software, etc. ..

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