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Kalkulio 0.9

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July 2 2011


Kalkulio 0.9


Kalkulio is a simple calculator for the GNOME panel. She-column labels for the results of calculation and history.Kalkulio command is written in Ruby and depends on the ruby-gnome2 library, version 0.19.0 to least.Installation: For installation just follow the instructions in the README file in Package. Then right click "on the panel you want to get Kalkulio set and select" Add to group ...". From this dialog, select the applet Kalkulio. If Kalkulio dosn't appear in the list applet restart your GNOME session or make a gnome "killall-panel" in a terminal.With right click on the bar left Kalkulio you get a menu where you can visit the help. In this paper, all functions, constants, operators and general use is showen.If you have problems to compile, install or run the program send me an email with the exact description of your system ( version of your release GNOME, ruby and ruby-gnome2 Version ,...), version Kalkulio and error messages. Requirements: GNOME GTK + · · · ruby-gnome2 (version 0.19 or from the SVN version 3627) · · ruby-gettext ruby-gettext-util

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