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OBmixer 0.11

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July 2 2011


OBmixer 0.11


OBmixer is a GTK mixer applet that runs in the Plateau region of the GNOME system and it is much like GNOME mixer applet. It interfaces with the applet alsa.This the following benefits: - works both lightweight with pulseaudio and alsa mutes a / umut feature that remembers your last volume .- .- works with tint2 icon indicates whether the system is muted will run outside of gnome.It was tested a found to work well with the following software: - LXDE-Openbox (margin with Set Desktop "obconf) - tint2 icewm-gnome-fbpanel Requirements : · GNOME What's New in this version: [read full changelog] This application interfaces · now with ALSA rather than OSS as oss mixer device will not allow access to the full range of chain volume in the Master Future versions of Ubuntu. As · interfacing with ALSA application slows down, the volume changes now only take affect when the scale is released.

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