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PacketDB 0.01

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July 5 2011


PacketDB 0.01


PacketDB project aims to create a set of workflows that handle tcpdump / packet captures as any other kind of data to load into relational structures and manipulated using methods well-established databases of fun . The real relational begins after the scripts run and you'll have to play with these data delicious! After this phase is stabilized ETL (hopefully), the project should ideally be extended to provide tools for discovering and reporting these data (eg data warehousing and data mining). The existing tables for this first phase of the project could be regarded as holding tables to load up a data mart or data warehouse. Requirements: MySQL 5.0 · (developed with 5.0.22) · python (tested with 2.3.5 and 2.5) · MySQL-python (developed with 1.2.1.p2) · impacket Core Security Technologies (developed with · pcapy Core Security Technologies (developed with 0.10.4) A note on the software required - the language and the database that was most convenient for that at the time. The project itself is generic enough to have version in a variety of languages against any relational database.Getting Started mysql-> 5.0 requiredNeed a user to create databases and create the schema (CREATE / DROP / INDEX). 1) create databases in mysqlmysql> CREATE DATABASE mycaptures12132) or create a new user GRANT SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE ON mycaptures1213 .* TO 'pcapper' @ 'pcapass localhost' IDENTIFIED BY''; GRANT FILE ON *. * TO 'pcapper' @ 'localhost'; commit, or to grant appropriate permissions for pre-existing user GRANT SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE ON mycaptures1213 .* TO 'pcapper' @ 'localhost', 3) updating conf / properties.cfg with user information and new database4) create the base tables of data move in the subdirectory SQL projectbash p $ mysql-usuperuser mycaptures1213-<schema.sql

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