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QGMailNotifier 2008.3

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July 6 2011


QGMailNotifier 2008.3


QGMailNotifier is aa Gmail Notifier utility designed to provide all the features that the author of the official notification of Windows and commentsI more.Developer love using Gmail on Windows and MacOSX There is a simple program wonderful called Gmail Notifier. Unfortunately, there is no port * nix. To fill the void there is some work-alikes out there. But for me, none of them fit the bill. The closest answer to my needs was KCheckGMail. But it actually connects to the page and analyzing data, making it very fragile and may break all the updates to their pages Google time. QGMailNotifier use the RSS feed for GMail is data.So, I developed my own QT4 based notifier that works similarly to the Windows version. I added a few things here and there and plan to add cool things in the future such as: support for multiple accounts, support portfolio KDE and methods of notification. For now, it is simple and works well. I created an ebuild for those who want to try, the only dependency is QT> = 4.3.0.I produced an ebuild for all users of gentoo you there. The best way to use it is to do the following (as root): mkdir-p / usr / local / portage / qgmailnotifier / mail-client / qgmailnotifier / qgmailnotifier-2008.3.ebuild cp / usr / local / portage / qgmailnotifier / mail -client/qgmailnotifier/echo PORTDIR_OVERLAY = "$ (PORTDIR_OVERLAY) / usr / local / portage / qgmailnotifier">> / etc / make.confcd / usr / local / portage / qgmailnotifier / mail-client / qgmailnotifier / qgmailnotifier ebuild-2008.3 . ebuild digestACCEPT_KEYWORDS = ~ x86 emerge-a mail-client/qgmailnotifier Requirements: Qt · What's new in this version: [read full changelog] · This version fixes a minor bug that makes e-mails with apostrophes displaying wrong in the notification.

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