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Tabble 0.31

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July 4 2011


Tabble 0.31


Tabble is a small alternative X shell which presents your programs in tabs for easy launch. Tabbles is not intended to replace a window manager, just complete. Lightweight window managers benefit most from the idea is that tabble.The Tabbles is "always on top 'so multiple launches can be resumed without navigating a menu hierarchy or clearing the desktop.The above the window personalized to your choice, may appear at a fixed position on your screen so you can launch a number of things quickly. Hit the button and hide it out of your way, and the switch beside Tabbles will faster.One Tabbles reasons is that it can be started from a chroot (32 bits within 64 per example). Other programs in the chroot can be easily generated from this tabble.KDE / GNOME could use this concept, but there is still a case for an independent program for those who fall through the window managers - as a single file configuration must maintain and can be shared.

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