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Talend Open Profiler 3.2.1

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July 9 2011


Talend Open Profiler 3.2.1


It helps you in your profile data! Data Profiling is the process of examining data available from existing data sources (eg databases, applications, files, etc.) and collection of statistics and information on this data. The profiling data allows the assessment of quality of the data contained in the information system, according to a defined set of parameters and goals.Talend Open Profiler is a sophisticated, yet easy to use data profiling tool that defines the content, structure and quality of data structures very complex. It enables business users and data management staff to perform a variety of tests using a set of Indicators, models and rules for each data element being analyzed or controlled. It analyzes the data on an ongoing basis, and analyzes changes in the data source over time to help improve data on indicators quality.These can range from simple statistics or advanced analysis of text string including a summary of data and statistical distributions of records. The modes of expression are predefined or custom which define the expected form of data analyzed and rules for data quality can set thresholds and customized business value ranges.Talend Open Profiler generates reports and graphs that enable sophisticated gauge users a look at the data quality and status of predefined indicators. In addition, an embedded data explorer enables users to get straight down to the tables of analysis databases.The Talend Open Profiler application connects to databases and files for introspection of their structures and stores description of metadata in its repository of metadata. The metadata is then used by data analysts to develop metrics and indicators.

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