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vadm 0.6.1

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July 12 2011


vadm 0.6.1


A tool for versioning system files and directories vadm is a simple SVN-like command-line utility for versioning unix system files including tracking of POSIX permission and ownership information. vadm is released under the terms of the GPL Version 3 and was written by Holger Krekel with initial contributions from Jens-Uwe Mager.Installing VADMvadm depends on the py lib which provides programmatic access to subversion by using the 'svn' command line tool. The vadm scripts also will make use of the sudo command which usually is available on Unix and OSX systems.with easy_install1. Install easy_install if you don't have it. On linux distributions the package name you should look for is "setuptools" or "python-setuptools".2. type easy_install vadm (this also installs the py lib dependency).manually with setup.py1. install the py lib without setuptools.2. download the vadm tarball and install it like this (substitute the version number as appropriate): tar zxvf vadm-0.6.0.tar.gz cd vadm-0.6.0 python install

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