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Z 2.6.0

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July 10 2011


Z 2.6.0


Simple tar & feathering Z is a safe, simple and convenient front-end for the compress, uncompress, gzip, bzip2, tar, lzip, zip and unzip utilities for compressing and uncompressing files and directories.The basic idea behind z is that you can just run `z SOMETHING` where SOMETHING is any file, directory, compressed file or compressed archive, and z will do the right thing in a standard way. Simple for novices and convenient for experts. Great for unpacking downloads or compressing files to save space.Running `z -h` will provide a usage summary.Installation:"z" is a shell script that you should be able to install as-is, ie executable in a directory in your PATH. A man page in both troff ("") and HTML ("z.html") format is supplied. You can install these files manually as you wish or you can use the included Makefile to install "z" and "". Just edit the top of the Makefile to your desires and then run: make install make

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