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C# for Emacs 0.7.0

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July 16 2011


C# for Emacs 0.7.0


C csharp-mode is a derived mode for cc-mode 5.30.x or higher that implements the policy of locking and indentation rules for C #. C # for Emacs is a mode of implementation of most derivatives of C # rules.After many years we have noticed that there was not a "non-patched" version of a csharp-mode for Emacs.There were few, but most of them have commented that they were "ongoing" or "the melting point, but then we noticed that these opinions were there, even after a couple of months.Then, we saw a demand for a csharp-mode on the site cc-mode Emacs, so we decided to follow the rules and create one that did not require patching or amendment to the DC motor based mode (which is a good thing). So is the mode.There C # version is 0.3.0, but broke things than it fixed, so we pulled it.Requirements: · CC mode (5.30.x) Installation: Once cc-mode 5.30.x is installed, installing csharp-mode is actually very easy. The simplest is to csharp-mode.el in the same directory as the CC mode. A more appropriate method is to place it in a shared directory Lisp and indicate that in the appropriate configuration file.bash $ mkdir-p $ HOME / share / bash elisp csharp-mode.el $ cp $ HOME / share / elisp Once you have placed csharp-mode.el file in the appropriate place, you should tell your installation of Emacs how to find new file.What's new in this version: This version adds · Tags autoload for automated processing. • It broadens # endregion # region and are blocking all the way to hide internal keywords highlighted. • It adds font locking to get together, add and delete.

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