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Jmol 11.8.3

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July 13 2011


Jmol 11.8.3


Jmol is a bio () molecular viewer applet and application. Jmol is a free, open source molecule viewer for students, educators and researchers in chemistry and biochemistry. Jmol is multi-platform, running on Linux / Unix, Mac OS X and Windows. JmolApplet The applet is a web browser that can be embedded in Web pages. The Jmol application is a Java application that runs on the PC. The JmolViewer is a development kit that can be integrated into other applications.Jmol Java v10 is a complete re-architecting and rewriting Jmol undertaken in the spring of 2003 with the aim of developing specific replacing Jmol Chime plug -- in.Jmol v10 retains most features and functionality of previous versions while offering significant Jmol enhancment in the following areas: true 3D graphics engine that requires no special hardware 24-bit color with accurate lighting and shading significantly higher performance Render handles macromolecules with excellent performance protein / nucleic acid secondary structure graphics RasMol / Chime script compatibility

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