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K Learning Aid 0.7.6 beta

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July 20 2011


K Learning Aid 0.7.6 beta


K Learning Aid appears kvtml file elements on the desktop. KLAIDA - K Learning Aid appears kvtml file elements on the desktop. Use KWordQuiz FlashKard or produce kvtml files and load them into KLAIDA. It will grab all complete nxm related items (eg, "Question" and "Reply" or "Word A and Word B) and periodically displays popups on the desktop. It's like someone is sitting behind you, making sure you know all the terms of your next exam or test while surfing the web, coding, or whatever.Intsllation: Extract the archive, run "make-f Makefile.cvs & &. / configure --prefix = PATH first. Insert your KDE installation dir to PATH basis. In Debian sid and Kubuntu would be "/ usr". Then compile by typing "make". You may then install the program (as root) via checkinstall or "make install". What's new in this version: · · Version 0.7.6 beta Added the Dutch translation (thank you to Pieter Pareit) Adding Slovenian translation (thank you to Jaka Kranjc), small bugfixes, the source should now compile smoothly again

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