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Launchpad Greasemonkey Scripts r62

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July 23 2011


Launchpad Greasemonkey Scripts r62


A collection of Greasemonkey scripts for Greasemonkey scripts LaunchPad Launchpad is a collection of Greasemonkey scripts that alter that Launchpad users and developers of Ubuntu have found useful.Installation: GreaseMonkey is a Firefox extension to add macro-like capabilitiesto do things-ish javascript on top of some Web pages. For installGreaseMonkey, follow these steps: * Go to Firefox-> Tools-> Add-ons * Click Get More Extensions (or add-ons, so Get Ubuntu on Ubuntu) * Select Greasemonkey and install * Reboot to install FirefoxThen these scripts, run: * * lp_karma_suffix.user.js firefox firefox lp_stockreplies.user.js Firefox lp_patches.user.js * * * lp_buttontags.user.js firefox firefox lp_highlight_me.user.js * lp_workflowreports.user.js firefox firefox lp_hide_tags. * * * user.js lp_question_comment.user.js firefox firefox lp_reporter_comments.user.js Or click on individual scripts from your file browser.Here is a way to install from the command line: * Copy * . js file to ~ /. mozilla / firefox / / gm_scripts / * Change your ~ /. mozilla / firefox / / gm_scripts / config.xml as example.For included in the latest update scripts, see the following link andclick download " for each of them: ~ gm-dev-launchpad/launchpad-gm-scripts/master/files

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