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RacePoint 0.4

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July 24 2011


RacePoint 0.4


RacePoint project is for administrators to manage a club of pigeon racing season. Racepoint project is for administrators to manage a club of racing pigeons season.Here some key features of "Racepoint" member · stores and information Racepoint. · Stores the time clock during the season. · Race results calculated. · Pools Calculates results.Requirements: · Java 5 or higher. Java 6 is new recommendedWhat in this version: • The license was changed to the GPL. Registration · seeex of birds was added. • The number of participants for the race and the pools are now saved. • It is now possible to edit members and Racepoint information after a race has been seized. · Print reports with a smaller font to fit on an A4 page. · Race reports now show the correct record pools and prize.

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