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Ubuntu Usplash Smooth 0.4

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July 23 2011


Ubuntu Usplash Smooth 0.4


The original Usplash for Ubuntu Intrepid Ibex with a touch of excitement! Ubuntu Usplash Smooth is a nice theme Usplash and Intelligent 8.10.Now Ubuntu progress bar is based on the time! What does this mean? Well ... The original Ubuntu Usplash progress bar does not say much information.It moves in increments small / large, and sometimes a little seconds.This Usplash Smooth Ubuntu does it different! He remembers the last time you start / stop, and will gently raises the bar in terms of the time. Since the start / pause very little change, you get a bar very precise, with very fluid animation showing exactly how much time is left! See it for yourself! Modesty aside (!) Thus, the progress bar usplash should have been done since the beginning! Install: Easily packaged in a DEB file, simply install and start up your computer several times. The first start / stop will be far from the truth, of course, since the Smooth Ubuntu Usplash still do not know how long it will take to complete. But from the second start / stop basis, you'll simply fall in love! Uninstall: If you hate for some reason ... Just uninstall it, and your system will revert to the original configuration.

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