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FARnodes 1.0

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July 27 2011


FARnodes 1.0


FARnodes is a simulation protocol and the runtime environment. FARnodes is a simulation protocol and the runtime environment. FARnodes project comes with an interface command line, a transmission protocol code distribution, and an analyzer based on statistical algorithms PyKDE.Example as Consensus and several other small tools and a large chunk of this documentation, the entry of a software level appropriate for people who have an interest in this (somewhat academic) area.Here some key features of "FARnodes" · highly portable and easy expansion of the framework because of 'a straightforward application Python. · protocols can either assume fully synchronous or asynchronous systems, or one of the FAR (Finite Average Response Time) or PS (Partial Synchrony). · channels may behave unreliable or stubborn. · failure detectors are: EA-PS-FD and FD, the two finally perfect, but others may be added. · simulations can expect a virtual timer and can be saved and reloaded in many cases . · Tools for remote execution and graphical data analysis.Requirements: · Python 2.3 + is required for all transactions · Pygame (SDL for Python) is required for the graphical simulation interface · SSH SSH and public services are necessary for the performance distributed · PyKDE is necessary for the graphical analysis tool

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