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labTimer 0.0.9

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July 27 2011


labTimer 0.0.9


labTimer is a set of timer suited for the treatment of black and white film. labTimer is a set of timer suited for the treatment of black and white film. Currently, the program can follow a basic sequence of development, fixing and washing, with countdowns Nice and processing reminders.Self film in black and white is a little exciting task, dull and boring. If you're here, you probably already know what I mean. Take pictures, coaching, light detection, the choice of models and views is creative. Light the red light, making a contact sheet, photo selection and printing of a good photograph carefully masking is creative foresight. But between shooting and display the pride of the print stands duty prosaic treatment of film.If if you're new to photography, or masochistic enough to ask why, the answer is that the film processing is done in a dark, sealed cylinder. Once you open the box of film in total darkness until the end of treatment, you have no possibility to influence the happy result. Therefore, the treatment is completely an "industrialized" process, where you have to blindly follow certain procedures and just hope that the results match your expectations.Don not misunderstand me! During this process, there are many options to influence the outcome, but the parameters can not be chosen based on the current state of the film. Therefore, the choice of values given to these parameters depends on previous results, the makers of figures, and personal experience. Industry standards today are so stringent that the processing of a film can be regarded as deterministic. If images are definitive or underexposed, Blurred or whatever, then it is solely responsible for the photographer.

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