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Package DataBase View 2.0.10

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July 28 2011


Package DataBase View 2.0.10


Package Database Viewer is a reporting tool for package systems RPM and dpkg. Pdbv output HTML to a database RPM or dpkg. Its modular design allows to easily add other database management packages and export format (like XML). 1.xx series are Bash 2.xx series are in Perl. Clearly, the generation output with 1.xx is much slower than the 2.xx While with the 1.xx should operate on a daily basis, with the 2.xx should run on a schedule. Here are some key features of "Package DataBase View": · it does not require clear / gtk + / qt libs or other large. · It requires no web server - but it can be used with a web server, like any other · HTML files. · it does not require an X server running, you can use a text browser that support frames · as links. · it does not require special privileges to access the exit. · But access may be restricted using chmod / chown (file) or. htaccess (apache). · Since the output is generated by a cron job, access to exit is as fast as your computer · can read / use text files.

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