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Tagsistant 0.2 Pre 1

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July 29 2011


Tagsistant 0.2 Pre 1


Tagsistant is a semantic filesystem for Linux and BSD kernels. Tagsistant software is a semantic filesystem for Linux and BSD kernels.What is a filesystem semantics? Honestly, I do not know! Many people say it's something you can use to organize your content using onthologies based on tags or labels. Others say it is related to the relationship between files or "things". Others claim it has something to do with crop circles! To me, a semantic file system is basically a tool to catalog files and extract subsets using queries.But logic for which a file system and not a database or a desktop application ? It is the most obvious, but often hidden account that a programmer must do! The software interface should be as neutral as possible. Neutral interface that means you should be able to communicate easily with this software and desktop tool efficiently.A may be comfortable for the user, can be functional and accessible. But other programs will not be favored in the interface with this tool. Perhaps other tools should be modified to apply to the new API, requiring days of coding and possibly introducing new bugs! Universal well-known and well tested interfaces should be made against the file system particularly special, new interfaces is probably one (or most) universal interface, you can think of (especially on UNIX, and speaking especially on the files!). Later, someone will write an application colorful and intuitive desktop (or series of) that will be attractive, but this time with a hack 3 days, anyone can tag their files by simply using the interface file manager, is accustomed to.What 's New in this version: · Reasoner was implemented: the labels can include other tags or equivalent on the other. · Memory leaks have been removed.

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