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ucsd-psystem-fs 1.6

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July 29 2011


ucsd-psystem-fs 1.6


ucsd psystem-fs project, it is possible to mount UCSD p-disk images as file system Sytems Linux. UCSD - psystem-fs project, it is possible to mount UCSD p-disk images as Linux file system sytems.This project has been successfully tested against multiple disk image formats. All disc formats are automatically detected at runtime, not by guessing the user is required. Formats supported include: Non-interleaved disk images work correctly, for any valid size. This gives the best performance, as one might expect. · Unique and redundant content of the working directory. • Apple] [Pascal 140KB interleaved disk images work correctly. This has been tested against images to disk system pub / really_old_stuff / mirrors / / programming / apple_pascal / · Simple 800KB disk images work. This has been tested against images of disk software / tribby / apascal.html · Offset interleaved 256KB disk images (PDP11?) Labor. This has been tested against images of disk bps UCSD_Pascal / ucsd_II.0 / IIRC, the original UCSD P-system does not allow more than one file is opened in write both. Files in this filesystem are represented by a single disk continuous measurement. This implementation uses the algorithm buffer Gap, found in many text editors to manage file extensions being written. This implementation can cope with two (or more) files open for writing at the same time, however, performance will be impacted, such as disk blocks will be constantly going back and forth that the gap is moved to the end of each file being written. What's new in this version: œ It is ucsdpsys_mount new-t option to convert text files on the fly. • The TeleDisk (. TD0) and ImageDisk (. IMD) formats are included for read-only access.

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