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FahMon 2.3.2b

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July 30 2011


FahMon 2.3.2b


FahMon is an open source software that lets you quickly check the status of your customer Folding @ Home. FahMon is an open software that lets you quickly check the status of your Folding @ Home client (or clients if you have multiple), avoiding having to open different files and / or d 'go to the Internet (for example to see how your other monitoring tools exist (such as electron microscopy or FahLogStats), so if you do not FahMon, take a look at them! FahMon is entirely coded in C + + and uses the wxWidgets library, which allows FahMon to exist for both Linux, Windows and OS X. It is designed to be really easy to use, so you should not encounter major problem.Monitoring multiple machines is easy with FahMon too. You can monitor clients that are shared on a network, Windows users can simply type in the network share names by their UNC path. Linux users can monitor customers they can get into their files to from file system. This includes NFS / SMB / shares WevDAV. No provision for monitoring the HTTP protocol is possible for the moment. Multi-platform compatibility is achieved using the wxWidgets library, which provides an API programming Common APIs natively on multiple operating systems. In this way, applications written using wxWidgets look like they were built natively for the current operation FahMon system.At is available as an executable Windows, Mac OS X Universal Binary (since version 2.3.2a) and as a source package for compiling on Linux.Here some key features of "FahMon": • The data on many clients at a glance · A database local projects is maintained to avoid using an Internet connection · Estimated time of arrival of units of work for each client · Exists · benchmarking for both Linux and Windows OS XWhat's new in this version: Several corrections · behavior in dialogs and a number of vision correction, including the display of fractional time correctly. · maximizes now the Windows system tray correctly. Finally. · A number of performance tweaks and behavior to the OS X build. · GPU2 core support.

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