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halfscan6 0.2

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August 1 2011


halfscan6 0.2


halfscan6 is a SYN port scan IPv6. halfscan6 is a SYN port scan IPv6. Now that people can implement the IPv6-over-IPv4 tunnels, they do not always outside the IPv6 as unreliable. Since an OS more and more to allow normal services to listen to IPv6 ports and IPv4, the firewall program may sometimes becompletely bypassed.A synscan normal is also included, but it's just a cleanen Until the day that ''d drag, and you should use nmap for IPv4 Portscanning normal. The scanner ipv4-May or May not work on you system.Secure bigEndian your boxes IPv6, because I have a feeling people will be using this for years to come.

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