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Nagios Aggregator 0.6

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July 30 2011


Nagios Aggregator 0.6


Nagios Aggregator is a PHP script for aggregating multiple Nagios instances into a coherent vision. Nagios Aggregator is a PHP script for aggregating multiple Nagios instances into one consistent view.Here some key features of "Nagios Aggregator" · aggregation of multiple views · recognizing alertsRequirements known: · backend database - currently PostgreSQL, tested with the Version 8.2.5-1 · web server with PHP support - in my case, Apache 2.2, but it should not matter · tidy - cron · conversion HTML to XML - or other software to run regularly scriptInstallation fetcher and configuration: As prerequisites, you must install PostgreSQL and Apache, or other content. Enable PHP support in the Web server and create a database in PostgreSQL. His name is configurable in so Aggregator choose the one you want. Unpack the source in a specific directory, visible on the document root of web server and reconfigure the settings database in the following files: · SettingsDB.php filter.phpNote ·: I had a problem when adding DB support with PHP includes and variable visibility - it - why there are two places to change, hopefully, correct it in future versions. Edit the configuration file, which is used by for all views necessary nagios. The file format looks like this: # # nagios_version · nagios_name the meaning of these fields is as follows: · nagios_version - obsolete now, but used by previous versions of Agregator, do not care about this, enter some random stuff nagios_name · - name displayed in the aggregation of all the alerts from a specific address Nagios · example - a URL to the Services page of Nagios, you can also save Notifications here page.The line might look like this: 2 # # nagios-Service https: / / localhost/cgi-bin/nagios2/status.cgi? host = All comments are welcome. With the pound sign. The last stage configuration is to add the execution of in cron.What New in this version: œ It is no longer necessary to reload the page and the popup window has been removed. · Everything is done with AJAX calls.

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