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qadsl 1.3.3

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August 1 2011


qadsl 1.3.3


qadsl is a small utility to login on the Telia AB ADSL service. qadsl is a small utility to login on the Telia AB ADSL service. It also works well with Internet comhem Tiscali and Cable Internet services. It should be noted, however, that Alive is not limited to Orbyt servers connection. It is fairly generic, see the file alive.conf for helpful tips and pointers. The development - and - verbose options in life is also very useful.See the download section for the latter. Tar.gz and. Packages.RedHat deb / Fedora developer? Packages include a source of home brew. Spec file that we could use a little help to finish. It would be so much easier to provide pre-built. Rpm and. GNU Alive is tested before each trip on the following platforms are currently supported: Slackware 9.1 (i386) Mandrake 9.2 (i386) Debian GNU / Linux (i386/Sarge) Debian GNU / Hurd (i386/Sid) FreeBSD 5.1 (alpha) NetBSD 1.6 (i386) OpenBSD 3.6 (i386) Cygwin (win32) What's new in this version: · NEWS: Cleanup. · TODO: Note on the way - should involve debug - verbose. · Src / process.c (process): Cleanup and add more logging, all in favor of the new system logging. · Src / main.c (main): New command line option-d, - debug. In favor of this new logging and verbosity level stuff adjusted accordingly.

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