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Radiator Radius Server 4.5

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July 31 2011


Radiator Radius Server 4.5


Radiator is highly configurable and flexible Radius server. Radiator RADIUS server is highly configurable and flexible supports authentication by over 60 different types of authentication methods such as flat files, DBM files, files password Unix, SQL databases, servers Distance Radius (proxy), external programs, NT User Manager, Active Directory, LDAP, PAM, iPass, GoRemote, NIS +, TACACS +, Web URL, SecurID token, Vasco Digipass tokens, SafeWord tokens, a wide range of billing packages ISP such as Emerald, Platypus, Rodopi, HAWK-I, Interbiller98, Freeside etc, etc. heritage of your user database, etc. Full source means that authentication methods may be modified or added to suit your needs. Supports RadSec - safe, reliable RADIUS proxying and acts as a diameter gateway.Radiator RADIUS now supports more methods and 802.1x wireless LAN authentication secure than any other Radius server giving a wide choice of 802.1X network clients. Private server and client certificates for testing 802.1X authentication included.Supports ChilliSpot a Captive portal for wireless hotspots ( Radiator includes tutorial and configuration files to create a comprehensive, locally administered wireless hotspot including support for time requirements.Radiator Prepaid and Other also includes many features not found in other RADIUS servers such as preventing double-connection, a vendor of full username rewriting, specific attributes, time of day blocking and a GUI for running user tests. Complete list of technical features.Included are CGI scripts for configuration, reporting and management utilities database and more. Works with most NASS VPDN, ADSL and wireless access points. Full source code provided. Extention API.What user 's New in this version: • A number of new modules were added, including support for RSA Authentication Manager 7.1. · Some important features were added as enhancements to support RadSec. · A number of bugs have been fixed.

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