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Zen Garden 0.6.92

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July 31 2011


Zen Garden 0.6.92


Zen Garden is a monitoring tool on the installation and construction of source archives. Zengarden is a tool that takes care of installation and construction of source archives. It is a fork of Installwatch which has been heavily updated with modern features.It can avoid building tools to interfere with files outside the build directory and create a virtual chroot to perform installations or save installation files overwrites.InstallationInstallwatch has been tested on Linux only.Before compilation, you can edit the Makefile and change the variable PREFIX. Common values are `/ usr 'and` / usr / local'. To compile a simple 'make' followed by 'make install' should do the magic. You need an ELF system, but I do not think this is a problem today ... If you want to try Installwatch on itself for the first time, follow these steps instead of "make install". Family Bash: LD_PRELOAD =. / to family installTcsh: setenv LD_PRELOAD. /; do installOf course, you must be root in the source Installwatch directory.Remember, if you belong to the family tcsh LD_PRELOAD remain fixed after `make install ', so be sure to disable variable.What New in this version: · autoolized - at least for the most minor bugfixes · (· viewcvs not really a feature in the archive) - thank you SoFAR

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