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Vamos 0.4

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August 5 2011


Vamos 0.4


Vamos project allows computers to run software directly from the network, without installations. Vamos software allows computers to run software directly from the network, without installations. The software is stored on servers and managed centrally, without effort or attention.rootz user is to install a new system that works differently. It assembles complete systems live on the web, and make them available locally. With rootz you can attach your Linux LiveCD on various local and easily run applications without installation.rootz is connected to the desired image (ISO or squashfs), and uses rootz: / / links to launch applications. The main advantage of this system is that it uses an official software unchanged without repackaging (as opposed to klik, Zero Install or autopackage). In addition, he is a true "on demand" mechanism that does not require a full download of the software but fetches only the needed files. rootz can configure multiple isolated environments chroot, so it can run applications side by side with stable software.Installation new Bleeding Edge: as non-root: wget-O - | shSetupThe syntax is: url.of.iso rootz /. Examples squash mount point: Vamos client: sudo mkdir / mnt / vamossudo ~ / Rootz / rootz squashfs / mnt / vamosFrom this chroot you can run Frozen Bubble Ubunutu Feisty Fawn: sudo mkdir / mnt / feistysudo ~ / Rootz / rootz -desktop-i386. iso / mnt / feistyFrom this chroot you can run gaim Debian Live with XFCE: sudo mkdir / mnt / debian-livesudo ~ / Rootz / rootz live-sid-i386-xfce-desktop.iso / mnt / debian-liveFrom this chroot you can run thunar Ubuntu Ultimate "sudo mkdir / mnt / ultimatesudo ~ / Rootz / rootz ultimate / ubuntu-ultimate1.1.iso / mnt / ultimateFrom this chroot you can run Democracy Player RunYou just need to click on these rootz: / / links above, and wait ... After a few runs the page cache will contain common libs and files so that applications will run faster.Another option is rootz pitcher in line interface command. With this script, you'll be able to run non-GUI programs. Example: ~ / Rootz / rootz dpkg-launcher '-l' What's new in this version: • The exit script under has been set. · A crash when zenity is not installed was fixed. · Dchroot is now used instead of / usr / bin / dchroot. · Relative paths are supported for mount point and path of the image. · Setup-browser allows the user root (with a warning). · An error is raised when a mountpoint is not empty instead of cleaning.

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