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W-Packager 0.4

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August 5 2011


W-Packager 0.4


w-Packager is a packager similar to dpkg that can be used by anyone create and maintain Debian Linux packages. W-Packager is a packager similar to dpkg that can be used by anyone to create and maintain Debian packages for Linux and other Unix systems.The objective of the project is mainly to have a workable version of a conditioner that can be compiled on many systems, including those that do not support fork (). At that time, W-Packager is used in Unigwe. It can also be used under Linux.This is a complete rewrite in C + +. It uses boost (especially iostreams) and boost-extras to read and write packages.See debian documentations on the Internet or the package in the doc (after you run the dev / create_docs script once - that works fine in Linux ... must be tested under MSYS!) What's new in this version: This · Dependencies version check before installing and before removing packages.

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