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Abakus 0.91

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August 7 2011


Abakus 0.91


Roberto Alsina is a simple calculator for KDE, based on a concept project Abakus Roberto Alsina's. Is a simple calculator for KDE, based on a concept by Roberto Alsina's. Think of it as British Columbia (the command-line calculator) with a Nice GUI.Here are some key features of "abakus" · Roberto Alsina's UseCalc PyQt-calculation based on Ruby. • Zack Rusin, based on the calculator. · Mine. · Ariya Hiyadat SpeedCrunch's a pure Qt / C + + solution, which is closest in functionality to abakus. It does not use yacc or lex, making it a good choice if abakus can not build your system for everything reason.What's new in this version: Supports · Abakus "," decimal separator correctly (both input and output). · View most Significant Digits when a response must be interrupted because of restrictions space. · minor orders.

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