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QLiss3D 1.3.2

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August 7 2011


QLiss3D 1.3.2


QLiss3D renders 3d-Lissajous-figures. QLiss3D renders 3d-Lissajous-figures (figures made of a different sine functions for each dimension) with a Qt interface.You can look at the figures from any viewing position you like and even "listen" to the sound of the figures.These are the controls for the QLiss3D Qt-widget used with QLiss3d:turn around cursor keys, mouse draggingreset viewing angle page up / page downchange red color value r / tchange green color value g / hchange blue color value b / nzoom in and out + / -x phase shift y / xy phase shift a / sz phase shift q / wtoggle information ichange number of drawn points insert / deleteWhat's New in This Release:· Welsh translation· some minor improvements that don't need to be mentioned

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