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C to C++ 1.4.0

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August 9 2011


C to C++ 1.4.0


C to C + + is a Python script that converts C code to C + + code. C to C + + is a Python script that converts C code to C + + code.The main program is performing the successive steps of conversion to C + +. A script, it gives ctocpp as a parameter to the Python interpreter with options you add.The archive also includes scripts that may help you: - changes the location of a project .- conducts research and replacements .- mkheader. py file.The head corrects a C to C + + program with all the python sources is under the GNU GPL license, that minds you may use and distribute it freely, provided that the copyright is unchanged.See the file COPYING for details. This does not mean GNU encourage you to convert your C sources to C + +. In fact, most of the tools included here may help programmers C + + C outside conversion.Installing: Type:. / Configure. / Setupmkdoc ... This will generate an html and info manuals.Requirements: · Python

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