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ubuildinit 0.2.0

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August 9 2011


ubuildinit 0.2.0


ubuildinit is a utility for use with micro window-gadgets. ubuildinit is a utility for use with micro window-gadgets (UWG) that generates the C source and header XML descriptions of visual interfaces.Interfaces are described using XHPD, a program based on hierarchical XML description.Micro WG is a version of "C" GT. In general, LCD is a bit lighter than WG. First because it's written in C, not C + +. Then, because she does not have all the characteristics of the working group. In addition, it should be much easier to "connect" to the UWG KRoC.Why UWG? Now if there are many "widget libraries' for programmers to choose. The traditional widget libraries X11 (X Toolkit Intrinsics), GTK, QT, Motif, wxWindows, TK, etc.. GTK and QT are probably the most common desktop system using a user - such as graphics libraries for Gnome and KDE, respectively. C + +, used by WG, provides a type widely safe environment for programming gadget - namely the structure and nature of gadgets to fit in the C + + type (class) heirarchy.However, C + + finally suffers same problems as some other `object oriented" languages - namely encapsulation fleeing. When writing the WG, some of the limitations (characteristics may be) of C + + has caused significant problems, particularly in the function-pointer department.Object orientation is a good model for the data but does not work well when `bolted-on 'to Sequential Languages - C + + and Java in particular. Forcing a sequential flow of control through something that we tried to get into things only leads to problems. For example, when running in the method of an object, is it safe to delete another object? - Well, if that other object was not involved (and still is involved) in the accounts table control.And this, you can not do so easily. In addition, in many cases, `delete 'May be substituted for any object interaction (method call). In addition, many boxes to modern GUI tools seem unnecessarily bloated. C + + (and others 'frilly' languages) can be blamed for some but not all. GT is still swollen, but not far. UWG is an attempt by a lightweight (size and speed) Toolkit gadget for X11, programmed in C. Requirements: · Micro Window-GadgetsWhat New in this version: • The Code Analyzer XHPD has been cleaned. · Support to generate the types of structure has been added.

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