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MathGL for Mac OS X & Linux 2.3.3

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Linux, Mac OS X


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June 19 2015


MathGL for Mac OS X & Linux 2.3.3


    MathGL is ...

* a library for making high-quality scientific graphics under Linux and Windows;
* a library for the fast data plotting and handling of large data arrays;
* a library for working in window and console modes and for easy embedding into other programs;
* a library with large and growing set of graphics.

At this version (1.11) MathGL has more than 35000 lines of code, more than 55 general types of graphics for 1d, 2d and 3d data arrays. It can export graphics to raster and vector (EPS or SVG) formats. It has Qt, FLTK, OpenGL interfaces and can be used even from console programs. It has functions for data handling and script MGL language for simplification of data plotting. Also it has several types of transparency and smoothed lightning, vector fonts and TeX-like symbol parsing, arbitrary curvilinear coordinate system and many over useful things. It can be used from code written on C++/C/Fortran/Python/Octave and many other languages. Finally it is platform independent and free (under GPL v.2.0 license).

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