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Object-oriented Simple DirectMedia Layer 0.6

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August 14 2011


Object-oriented Simple DirectMedia Layer 0.6


A Free Portable high-level source library for multimedia and game programming. OSDL project aims to provide a level of great phones free open-source library for multimedia and game programming. It is based on low level graphics backends, including Sam Lantinga SDL, which stands for Simple DirectMedia Library. OSDL is a C + + framework is building over SDL, which means OSDL Object-oriented Simple DirectMedia Library.OSDL makes use of the library of Ceylon, where we met all the generic developments are necessary OSDL.OSDL also strongly linked to our project dedicated to creating a game console open-source, Once Sol. More generally, on May check out our portal project Esperidi, which brings together everything we do in the field of gaming. Initially, most people are primarily interested in screenshots, then the API OSDL, finally, the recommended method for the OSDL, which is called Loan. It's still early in development OSDL, so little information is available on this site. But we hope it will get bigger and bigger, as the source increases. We recommend you to watch the column of material we have named as many interesting articles on the creation of games are there.

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