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ObjectStateTracer 0.1a0-r2593

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August 14 2011


ObjectStateTracer 0.1a0-r2593


Traces SQLObject SQLAlcemy and subject to change ObjectStateTracer Python is a module designed to provide a history of changes in a comments way.Developer transparent I experiment with SQLObject now. SQLAlchemy support is not in yet.When it is activated it intercepts and __setattr__. Set () method and traces the changes on its own table.It adds a method called SQLObject instances get_modification_history () which returns a list of cases ObjectStateTrace. This object has 4 key attributes: * Time: time of change events * column_name: the attribute is changed in the body * SQLObject old_value: value before the change * new_value: value after changeTo enable this extension add this to your configuration file: objectstatetracer.on = TrueTo use: Class YourClass (SQLObject) .... register_classregister_class objectstatetracer.extension of import (YourClass) and instances of YourClass should be checked for changes.I could not add the WidgetDescription of HistoryPanel (A DataGrid shows the changes), because it is far from finished.Check tests for more information.

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