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C Algorithms Library 1.2.0

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August 15 2011


C Algorithms Library 1.2.0


C Algorithms Library is a collection of algorithms used in most computers. C Algorithms Library is a collection of Science focus algorithms.The commonly used on the computer code that is well documented and tested, portable and reusable.The C programming language has a library of standards much smaller compared to other programming languages such as modern Java or Python.In particular, it lacks many implementations of common data structures and algorithms. This is a collection of such algorithms to try to remedy the problem.The source code is distributed under the BSD license update, and as such can be freely modified and reused in any project, whether proprietary or free. It is written in 100% ANSI C. Each algorithm is written to be independent of d'autres implementations, including algorithms to be included in projects like structuresCollectionsArrayList needed.Data: Automatic resizing of table. Doubly linked list: A set of values stored in a list of links that are pointing in both directions. Singly linked list: A set of values stored in a list of links that are pointing in one direction. Tail: Tail Double finish that can be used as a FIFO or a battery. Set: Unordered placemat values.MappingsHash: Collection of values that can be solved by using a key. Sort: rapid mapping using strings that research keys.Binary tree treesAVL: Balanced binary search tree with O (log n) worst case functionsAll performance.Utility data structures above operate on null pointers. It is sometimes necessary to compare values (when you sort a list, for example) or generate a hash key (in a hash table or series). This is done by providing a pointer to a function that provides this functionality. The following functions provide this functionality for some common data types. · Entire comparison and hash functions. · String comparison and hash functions. · Generic (void) pointer comparison and hash functions.

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