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Valkyrie 0.4.2

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August 15 2011


Valkyrie 0.4.2


A game development library Valkyrie is a general purpose game-development library, written in and for FreePascal. It was originally developed for writing ASCII rogue-like games, now it is broadening it's functionality to graphics (via OpenGL and SDL) and sound (via Fmod and SDL).Valkyrie is class-based and written to take advantages of all new FPC 2.0.0 enhancements, hence portability with Delphi nor other Pascal dialects is not maintained.Valkyrie was used to create Doom, the Roguelike, Diablo, the Roguelike and is being used in the development of Carceri Roguelike Engine. It's main purpose tough is for the ultimate project, codenamed "GenRogue".

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