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perlrecharclass 5.9.5

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August 19 2011


perlrecharclass 5.9.5


perlrecharclass package contains classes Perl regular expression character. perlrecharclass package contains characters regular expressions Perl documentation classes.The high-level regular expressions in Perl is perlre.This page manual covers the syntax and use of character classes in Perl Expressions.A class ordinary character is a way to designate a series of characters, so that one character is all together. It is important to remember that match a character class consumes exactly one character in the source string. (The source string is the string the regular expression that goes cons.) There are three types of character classes in Perl regular expressions: the dot, backslash sequences and the dotThe form.The bracketed item (or period). is probably the most used, and certainly the most famous character class. By default, a dot matches any character except newline. The default can be modified to add the corresponding new row with the modifier single line, either for the entire regular expression using the / s modifier, either locally using (? S). Here are some examples: "a" = ~ /. / # Match ". = ~ /. / # Matches "" = ~ /. / # No match (dot must match one character) "n" = ~ /. / # No match (dot does not match a newline) "n" = ~ / modifier modifier. / S # match (global 'one-line) "n" = ~ / (? S:.) / # Match (local line only') "ab" = ~ /^.$/ # No match (match point one character) backslash sequencesPerl regular expressions contain many sequences that constitute a backslash character class. In other words, they represent a single character if that character belongs to a specific set of characters (defined by the sequence). A backslash sequence is a sequence of characters beginning with a backslash. All sequences are backslash character class for a complete list, see perlrebackslash.Here is a list of backslash sequences, which are further discussed below. D Match a digit. D Match a non-numeric. w correspond to a word "character". W Match a non-"word" character. s Match a white space character. S Match a non white space character. h Match a horizontal white space. H correspond to a character that is not horizontal white space. v correspond to a vertical white space character. V correspond to a character that is not vertical white space. pP, p (Prop) recognize a character corresponding to Unicode property. PP, P (Prop) correspond to a character who is not a Unicode property.

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