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perlrebackslash 0.02

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August 19 2011


perlrebackslash 0.02


perlrebackslash Perl module is a sequence of regular expression and Backslash escapes. perlrebackslash is a Perl Regular Expression Backslash Sequences and Escapes.The high-level documentation on Perl regular expressions is in perlre.This document describes all backslash and escape sequences. After explaining the role of the backslash, it lists all the sequences that have special meaning in Perl regular expressions (in alphabetical order), then describes each them.Most sequences are described in detail in separate documents The primary purpose of this document is to have a quick reference guide describing all backslash and escape backslashIn sequences.The a regular expression, the backslash can perform two tasks: it must be the away the special meaning of next character thereof (eg, | corresponds to a vertical bar, not a sandwich) or it is the beginning of a backslash or escape sequence rules. The determining what it is are quite simple: if the character following the backslash is a punctuation (non-word) character (which is all that is not a letter, digit or underscore), then the backslash is content to throw this particular meaning (if any) of the next character it.If the character following the backslash is a letter or digit, then the sequence may be special, if So is below. Some letters have not yet been used, and escaped with a backslash is safe for now, but a future version of Perl May assign a special meaning for her. However, if you have warnings enabled, Perl will issue a warning if you use such sequence.It is however guaranteed that the sequences of backslash or escape never punctuation character after the backslash, not now, not in a future version of Perl 5. It is therefore prudent to put a backslash in front of a non-character.Note word that the backslash itself is special, if you want to match a backslash, you must escape the backslash with an anti -slash: / / matches a single backslash.

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