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yagg::Tutorial 1.4001

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August 19 2011


yagg::Tutorial 1.4001


yagg:: Tutorial is a Perl module that contains a tutorial for Yagg. Yagg:: Tutorial is a Perl module that contains a tutorial for yagg.SYNOPSIS # To use the generator. / Yagg Terminals.lg nonterminals.yg m. / Progs output / / generate 5The tutorial will show you how to use Yagg through two examples. In the first example, we create a simple logical expression generator to zero. In the second example, we create a more sophisticated generator logical expression of the existing parser / lexer input files, such as those used by YACC / Bison and Lex / FLEX. These examples, plus more sophisticated generator fault trees are included in the distribution in the sample / directory.It is assumed that the reader knows a bit formal grammars. Ideally, readers would have some experience of writing grammars for power generators like yacc and Bison parser.

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