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C++ Portable Components 1.2.9

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August 23 2011


C++ Portable Components 1.2.9


The components C + + Portable is a set of class libraries for developing network-centric. C + + Portable Components project are a collection of libraries open-source class that simplify and accelerate the development of network-centric, portable applications in C + +. The libraries integrate perfectly with the C + + Standard Library and fill many functional gaps left open by it.Their modular and efficient, and makes the implementation components C + + Mobile extremely well suited for embedded development, an area where the C + + programming language is becoming more popular because of its suitability for both low level (I / O device interrupt handlers, etc.) and subject to high development.The level guides C + + Portable Components help developers to focus on the basic characteristics of the single product they are developing the features that will ultimately sell the product. By reusing the tried and tested components provided by component C + + portable, developers do not need to waste time and valuable resources to reinvent the wheel.C + + Portable Components LayersThe classes provided by the Informatics C + + components provide mobile support for: son ·, thread synchronization and advanced abstractions for multithreaded programming streams · and access · file system shared libraries and class loading powerful logging · and error reports Programming • Security • Network (TCP / IP sockets, HTTP, FTP, SMTP, etc.) XML parsing · (SAX2 and DOM) and generation configuration files and options · management · an embeddable, lightweight SQL database Today's highly complex software systems often outlive the hardware platforms they were originally built on. Applications based on C + + components notebook can be easily ported to another platform, helping to save and increase the return on investments made in software.What New in this version: · This release contains bug fixes and major improvements in performance HTTP classes.

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