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WWW::Search::HotJobs 1.30

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August 23 2011


WWW::Search::HotJobs 1.30


WWW:: Search:: HotJobs is a Perl class for research HotJobs. WWW:: Search:: HotJobs is a Perl class for search HotJobs.SYNOPSIS require WWW:: Search; $ search = new WWW:: Search ( 'HotJobs') This class is a specialization HotJobs WWW:: Search. It handles making and interpreting research HotJobs class exports no public interface; any interaction must be done through WWW:: Search objects.OPTIONSNone now (2001.04.25) search_url = URLSpecifies WHO query protocol HotJobs. The default is, search_parse_debug, search_ref indicated on www:: do Search.HOW IT WORK? Native_setup_search is called before we do anything. It initializes our private variables (which all begin with the underscore) and set up a URL to the first page of results in _next_url (). Native_retrieve_some is called (from WWW:: Search:: retrieve_some) whenever more hits are needed. She calls the LWP library to fetch the page specified by _next_url (). It analyzes the page, adding any search hits that are in cache (). If it finds a `` next''button in the text, he defines _next_url () to point to the page to the next set of results, otherwise it puts the UNDEF to indicate we're done.

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