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Apache::ImageMagick 2.0 Beta 7

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August 26 2011


Apache::ImageMagick 2.0 Beta 7


Convert and manipulate images on the fly Apache:: ImageMagick is a Perl module that can convert and manipulate images on the fly.SYNOPSIS In httpd.conf or. Htaccess <Location / images> PerlFixupHandler Apache:: ImageMagick PerlSetVar AIMCacheDir / var / aimcache </ Location> Then ask http://localhost/images/whatever.gif/Annotate?font=Arial&x=5&gravity=west&text=Hello+world+! http://localhost/images/whatever.jpgThis module uses Image:: Magick library to process an image on the fly. It is capable of converting the source image to any type you request is supported by Image:: Magick (eg TIFF, PPM, PGM, PPB, GIF, JPEG and more). Demand fileformat is determined by fileextention demand and Apache:: ImageMagick is an image search with the same base name and convert it automatically (unless you set AIMDisableSearch). Addtionaly you can specify (multiple) filters for image manipulation in the additional path info, and format options in the query string. All filters applied in the order they appear in the path info. A list of available filters can be found in Mani #. To date there are 67 very powerful filters available. The parameters you give in the URL are passed to all filters.

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