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FrameMaker::FromHTML 0.03

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August 26 2011


FrameMaker::FromHTML 0.03


FrameMaker:: FromHTML is a Perl class for converting HTML FrameMaker MIF file. FrameMaker:: FromHTML is a Perl class to convert HTML file FrameMaker FrameMaker MIF.SYNOPSISuse Basic:: FromHTML '; use strict; my ($ infile, $ outfile); $ infile = shift; ($ outfile = $ infile) = ~ s /. htm [l ]*$/. mif /; # insert routine to validate HTML - for example, using HTML Tidy # very important - this script is vulnerable at any moment #, but worse with a bad HTMLmy $ p = FrameMaker:: FromHTML-> new ( $ outfile); $ p -> parse_file ( "$ tempfile") or die "Parsing failed on tempfile: $!" No "; use to convert properly formed HTML into FrameMaker MIF. Likely to be buggy, especially with Funny HTML. Errors in MiFID are generally reported in the console when FrameMaker FrameMaker is used to open the file.See sample file, which may be just what you need to operate on some files. In which case, you will need to have HTML Tidy installed to clean up your HTML.

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