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A'Hote 0.1.0

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August 28 2011


A'Hote 0.1.0


A'Hote is a C++ library for creating color schemes including complements, split complements, triadics. A'Hote is a C++ library for generating color schemes and also includes a few other classes for converting between RGB (Red, Green, Blue), YUV (Luminance and Chrominance), HSB (Hue, Saturation, Brightness) and HSL (Hue, Saturation, Lightness).A'Hote is not a library for ICC color management.A variety of functions are provided that, in general, take an input HSB color as a parameter and return a std::vector of HSB colors representing the generated color scheme. Depending on the function a number of other parameters can be passed that will vary the return size of the color scheme, etc.The HSB colors in the returned std::vector can then be used as necessary. The HSB class can be cast to the RGB class, performing all necessary conversions along the way. Thus, it would be possible to do something like the following: using namespace ahote;// std::vector has been typedefed to ColorsColors scheme = tetrads( HSB(120, 1.0, 1.0) );RGB rgb;for (Colors::iterator iter=scheme.begin(); iter != scheme.end(); iter++) { rgb = *iter; //,, contain the RGB components // do something meaningful with them, like: cairo_set_source_rgb(cairo,,,;What's New in This Release:· The library currently supports generation of the following color schemes: complements, split-complements, triads, tetrads, analogous colors, shades, tints, tones, and monochromatics.· Other schemes that are in this release are related to the RGB color wheel including primary, secondary, and tertiary colors as well as the color wheel itself.· Schemes of schemes can also be created, and classes are provided to easily convert between HSB, HSL, RGB, and YUV color spaces.

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