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Date::Holidays::UK::EnglandAndWales 0.02

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August 29 2011


Date::Holidays::UK::EnglandAndWales 0.02


Public HoliDays in England and Wales Date::Holidays::UK::EnglandAndWales is a Perl module based on Date::Holidays::UK by Richard CLAMP, Amelie Guyot, Jerome Parfant, which did not contain the dates needed by my clients.As MSRS Clamp et al note in the POD for their module, Naming modules is a tricky thing: I've named this EnglandAndWales because the UK module cannot include holidays for Northern Ireland and Scotland, and maintain its API.SYNOPSIS use Date::Holidays::UK::EnglandAndWales; my ($year, $month, $day) = (localtime)[ 5, 4, 3 ]; $year += 1900; $month += 1; warn "Holiday" if is_uk_holiday( $year, $month, $day ); warn "Holiday" if Date::Holidays::UK::EnglandAndWales->is_holiday( $year, $month, $day );These bank and public holidays are holidays in England and Wales, and not necessarily for Scotland and Northern Ireland.

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