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DateTime::Calendar::Liturgical::Christian 0.10

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August 29 2011


DateTime::Calendar::Liturgical::Christian 0.10


Calendar of the liturgical year DateTime:: Calendar:: Liturgical:: Christian is a Perl module that returns the name, season, number of days and the liturgical color of every day in the Gregorian calendar. It will eventually support the liturgical calendars of several churches (hopefully at least Anglicans, Lutherans, Orthodox and Catholic). Currently it knows that the timing of the Episcopal Church USA. you find bugs or if you have any information on the timing of another liturgical church, please let me know (Thomas Thurman dot org dot uk). SYNOPSIS $ dtclc = DateTime:: Calendar:: Liturgical:: Christian-> new (day => 4, month => 6, year => 2006) print $ dtclc-> name () # 'Print Pentecost' $ dtclc-> color () # 'red'

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