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Padre 0.49

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August 29 2011


Padre 0.49


Perl Application Development and Refactoring Environment means Padre Perl Application Development and Refactoring Environment.SYNOPSISPadre is a text editor aimed to be an IDE for Perl.You should be able to just type in padreand get the editor working.While I'm using this editor since version 0.01 myself there are still many missing features.Not only lacks several important features, everything is in constant flux. The menus, shortcuts and how they work will change from version to version.Configuration options are also changing, which means that if you configure it in one version you may need to configure again.Having said you can have the 'use for serious editing and you can even participate and add the missing features.You should also know that I work primarily on Linux and I used vi for many years now. That means I'm not that familiar with the expectations of people using Windows.

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  • Vi keyboard for Padre Once the Padre::Plugin::Vi is installed and enabled the user is in full vi-emulation mode, which was partially implemented.The 3 basic modes of vi are in development:When you turn on vi-mode, or load Padre with vi-mode already...

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