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Daemon::Simple 0.02

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September 2 2011


Daemon::Simple 0.02


Daemon:: Simple is a Perl extension to the script as daemon with start | stop using controlling.SYNOPSIS Daemon:: Simple; Daemon:: Simple:: init ($ command); or devil:: Simple:: init ($ command ,"~/"); or my $ homedir = `pwd`; chomp ($ homedir); my $ pidfile = "/ var / run /" my $ command = $ ARGV [0]; Daemon:: Simple:: init ($ command, $ homedir, $ pidfile) # # # # script open Daemon (FILE, "> out. txt"); select (FILE) sleep (10) close (FILE); __END__ # shell start $ perl $ perl stopThis module is good to make a script like a demon. A script daemon start | stop control command. It is simply adding Daemon:: Simple:: init () on the first line of script.This module is implemented by wrapping Proc:: Daemon. Requirements: Perl ·

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